Company history

Pronghorn Racing is a Danish bicycle frame and parts manufacturer. The company was founded in 2007 by MTB fanatics and enthusiast with the one single purpose:

To create the fastest full suspension mountainbike on the global market!

To do that the founders liaised with the best Danish elite MTB-riders and the most skilled engineers and production experts from both Scandinavia, Taiwan and China.

After years of development and thourough testing the PRONGHORN PR6XC full suspension MTB frame was born. The frame featured PRONGHORN’s new patented A.P.L.S. system. The riders and the critics from the magazines and the bike industry all loved the result. Pronghorn Racing had created a new super fast full suspension MTB – perhaps the worlds fastest in simply going from A to B over distance off road.

After introducing the PRR6XC full suspension frame Pronghorn Racing has developed a full range of high-end frames for mountainbiking, road racing, cyclocross and TT/triathlon. And Pronghorn Racing has also grown from offering ”just frames” to introducing a top end range of race ready fully assembled bikes. All with high end parts and equipment from the best producers and brands in the world.

The Customers can rest assured that no matter which PRONGHORN you choose from the extensive range, the bike will be designed for speed over distance. It will simply make you RIDEFASTER for longer.